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  • Maple Syrup sold in Plastic Jugs
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    NH Maple Syrup in a Plastic Jug

    Small Maple Leaf Image Light Amber is a very light in color with a delicate maple flavor.
    Small Maple Leaf Image Medium Amber is the most popular grade that is slightly darker in color and a more pronounced maple flavor.
    Small Maple Leaf Image Dark Amber is darker yet with a deep maple flavor.
    Small Maple Leaf Image Grade B is the darkest syrup with the strongest flavor. It is recommended for cooking and baking, but is also enjoyed for table use.
    Gage Hill Sugar Shack offers three different sizes, 1/2 pint, 1 pint, and 1 quart.



  • Maple Syrup in Glass Leaf
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    Maple Syrup in a Glass Leaf

    Gage Hill Maple Leafspacer

    Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup comes in four (4) sizes. All make wonderful gifts, but the smaller two sizes are great favors for weddings and showers.


    Our maple leaf shaped bottles come in a Nip, 1.7 oz, Small, 3.4 oz, Medium, 8.45 oz and finally our most beautiful collectors bottle, the 25 oz.



  • Maple Syrup in Glass Jug
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    NH Maple Syrup in a Glass Jug

    Gage Hill Maple Leaf Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup in a decorative jug. We offer two sizes, 1/2 liter and 1 liter.




  • Maple Cream
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    Maple Cream or Maple Sugar

    Gage Hill Maple Leaf Maple cream is also called maple butter. It's excellent on toast or muffins, or stir it into hot cereal. ~ Good!! It is also fat free! If it becomes a little stiff, a few seconds in the microwave and it's spreadable again. Our maple cream comes in two sizes, 3 oz. and 9 oz.
    Sizes for Maple Cream

    Gage Hill Maple Leaf  Pure maple sugar is also used on toast, muffins and hot cereal. A nice substitute for cinnamon sugar, our Maple sugar comes in both 6oz and 12 oz. sizes.
    Sizes for Maple Sugar

  • Maple Candid Nuts
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    Maple Candied Nuts

    Small Maple Leaf Image These make a great snack and make a nice additon to any salad. Try the candied walnuts on ice cream. ~ Delicious!! They come in 4 oz. package.


    Type Nuts


  • Raw New Hampshire Wildflower Honey
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    Raw NH Wildflower Honey

    Small Image of Honey This raw, New Hampshire wildflower honey is collected in Candia, NH by Beekeeper Reginald Henshaw. It is unpasteurized so it retains all of the healthy properties that we seek. Never store honey in the refrigerator. It accelerates crystallization. If honey crystallizes, place the container in very warm water and it will liquefy again. Do not microwave it. We offer three sizes, 1/2 #, 1 #, and 2#.



  • Barbecue Sauce
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    Ledgetop Maple Barbeque Sauce

    Small Maple Leaf Image This delicious sauce make a wonderful marinade for any meat (chicken, beef and pork). Try it as a glaze for salmon and ham or mix with softened cream cheese for an interesting spread on crackers. Find Interesting Recipes Here.



  • Gift Baskets
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    Gift Baskets

    Small Maple Leaf Image We offer custom gift baskets using unusual containers of Salmon Falls pottery. Contact us so we can create a one of a kind gift of New Hampshire maple products. Price will vary based on contents and choice of container.
    Expect to pay from 15.00 to 75.00


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